New Title On The Way

My last published work of fiction was in May of 2015.  Since then, I’ve written tens of thousands of words, but few of them fiction.  This despite fiction being my first love as a writer.

Luckily, I recently completed my third draft on Sabercat, a follow-on to my short story, “The Hunter/The Hunted” published at Liberty Island and Exodus published over on Amazon.  

Both of these stories were written as unrelated works, but in a universe I had created where mankind had settled dozens of worlds, but Earth controls all of them.  Tommy Reilly, from “The Hunter/The Hunted” has made it home, but his experiences there have changed him profoundly.

Rather than pick up his old life, he buys a freighter and undertakes a life among the stars.  Joining him is his cohort Harley, along with a new cast of characters and someone from Tommy’s history.

The book is done and with beta readers.  Once I hear back, I’ll look at their comments, make any final changes needed, make final edits, and then publish (assuming I have my cover by then, of course).

I’m already working on the next book in the series, tentatively titled Hostile Territory.  It picked up immediately after the events of Sabercat and will hopefully be a rousing start to a new series.

At the very least, it’s a new start to my fiction writing, which is very different from what I do most of my day, so it’s taken a while to find a way to do both.

I was able to finish Sabercat fairly quickly, which was a good thing because it reminded me that I can crank out some words when I know where the story was going, and I definitely did.

Hostile Territory won’t run quite as quick because I have to work out a handful of things, mostly how the characters will accomplish their task, and how the antagonists will work to prevent it.

You know, the little stuff.

Regardless, it should be fun, and by Monday I hope to have most of that worked out and be hard at work!


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