The Other Shoe

I get the site up and running, and I’m ready to roll and provide tons of new content as I can, and what happens?

My cable–and, by extension, my internet–decided to die on me Sunday night.  I call Mediacom to get a repair on Monday morning when *I* find out about it, and what happened?  “I’m sorry, Mr. Knighton, but we can’t get anyone out to check your line until Friday.”

The fact that I work online held no sway with them, so here I am, trying to throw up a quick post with my wife’s phone.

Unfortunately, her data plan doesn’t provide a lot of bandwidth, so there’s not really enough to work off of, but it does give me the opportunity to let you guys know what is going on.

Hopefully, I’ll be back into the 21st Century early enough on Friday so I can get something posted then.

I have no plans of going incommunicado any time in the near future.  Hell, I just got back. 😉


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