Back Online

Miracle of miracles, Mediacom decided to actually show up on time and they got the cable and internet up and running.  So now I’m back online and can get caught up on everything I missed.

Additionally, I can post stuff here, and I had a lot of things that popped into my head while I was spending an awful lot of time reading (this is not a complaint. 😀 ) though I suspect I’ll forget the vast majority of them.

The issue here was a connection at a junction that literally snapped off.  All that was needed was for the technician to switch to another junction.  He was here for less than ten minutes.

Five days.  I had to wait for five days to get someone out here to switch a cable to a different junction.

Thank you, Mediacom.  I lost out on a week’s worth of work–and, by extension, pay–and while I’m glad you credited us for a week’s cable service, it doesn’t put that money in my pocket.

Still, at least we’re back.




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