Update On Sabercat

Now that I’m past all the ridiculousness from my cable company, it’s time to get back to work.  That means Sabercat.

Last weekend, the manuscript went out to beta readers.  While I was offline, I got one full report back and a partial.  The partial is from someone who is dealing with the nastiness of allergy season and he promises he’ll get it finished in the near future.

That means I’m still waiting on several reports, and since it’s a pretty short novel, I may reach out later today to see if folks have completed reading it yet at the very least.  I know that I, as a beta reader, have a tendency to put stuff aside if I’m not careful and forget about a manuscript until the author is getting antsy, so if others are like me, they’ll probably appreciate the nudge.

However, if life has just conspired against them, I completely understand that one too and since they’re volunteering, I’m not going to be pushy in the least.

I won’t get into what the betas are saying because…well…it doesn’t matter what they say.  If they hate the book, they’ll tell me why and I’ll fix it.  If they love it, there will still be some fixes to make I’m sure, and either way, the book that finally hits Amazon won’t be the same book that I sent out last weekend.  It just won’t.

Now, for folks confused over what a beta reader is, let me sum it up for you.  A beta reader is kind of like a beta tester for software.  They take a look at a book before it’s released and note any problems with it.  For example, if I were to screw up and change a character’s name midstream, they’d catch it before publication.  If my grammar at 3:00 AM was indecipherable, they’d catch it.

Beta readers are different from content editors because they’re rank and file readers who will give you an overall glimpse of what they’re thinking over a book.

I do not have, at this time, a consistent set of beta readers.  I’ve got one friend who will jump at any of my Soldiers of New Eden stuff, but he’s not as interested in other forms of science fiction.  Unsurprising, when you think about it since post-apocalyptic is often very different from SFF…unless you’re talking Shannara or something.

However, I do have a lot of avid readers as friends, and I was blessed with a number of folks who I had to pass on as beta readers simply because I’d have had too many.  It’s a nice position to be in, let me tell you.

Now, back to Sabercat.  I hope to have everything back in another week or so, and once I get the cover done–which is being done as a favor from a friend so I will not get too impatient over it since she has other things going on–I’ll have it up and ready to roll.

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available!



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