Writer’s Block Ramblings

Right now, I’m in a weird predicament.  I have a case of writer’s block, of sorts.

Now, I personally believe that what we tend to call “Writer’s Block” is really something else, either a lack of understanding where the story should go or a lack of motivation on a subconscious level.  I suffered this after my mother passed away and only recently seem to have gotten past it.

“Wait.  You said you got past it, but this post is about you having writer’s block.  What gives?”

Well, I got past it with my fiction.  I have writer’s block regarding a blog post for this site.

I had something I’d started on about word counts, but there was no way to write it without potentially angering someone for not writing more, despite the fact that no, I don’t get why some supposedly full-time writers are only able to muster less than a thousand words per day (I make no judgement on writers who do this part-time, however.  A thousand words could be several hours of work, after all, and families have this pesky notion that you should spend time with them).

So, I stopped that one and was at a complete loss as to what I should write.

Frankly, I could probably write about writer’s block, but who cares?  You either believe it’s a “thing” or you don’t.  My opinion is kind of irrelevant.

I could have also written about an author who has a two-star rating on Goodreads and something like 600+ ratings for a book that doesn’t come out until May, and I might still, but I really don’t want to delve into controversy at this point in this blog’s life.

So, with those dismissed, that leaves me with the opportunity to talk a bit about some ruminations I’m having.

First, for some reason, I’m missing the ever-loving crap out of my mother right now.  She and I were close.  I’m not afraid to admit that I was a mama’s boy.  She always had my back and believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in me.

At one point, I was considering going back to school for something that had nothing to do with writing.  When I talked to her about it, she said something that has stayed with me.

“You’re a writer.”

That’s all.  She didn’t try to dissuade me, but rather than her typical, “If that’s what you want,” she felt she had to tell me who and what I was.

Now, I had no desire to stop writing, though that probably would have happened for a bit.  “You’re a writer.”

Well, Mom would be thrilled to see me now.  I write books.  I write blog posts.  I make all of my money from writing stuff for people to read.

Yes, I am a writer.  I’m a professional writer, even.

But that doesn’t make me miss her any less, and the last couple of days have been rough.  Luckily, I can get lost in fiction, and that helps.

Speaking of fiction, I’ve been rereading John Ringo’s Legacy of the Aldenata series.  I’m on book four, and I was hit that while this was pure military SF when it was written, it could arguably be called alternate history now since the fourth book takes place in 2009.

I’m not sure anyone else thinks of it this way, but it kind of amuses me to look at it this way.

Finally, I should note that I’m still trying to find my way with this particular blog.  My previous writer’s blog touched on my own writing and thoughts on writing, but it also dealt more with the politics of fandom, and I’m not really interested in any of that these days.

Anything and everything may pop up here in the future, so be prepared.  If you don’t like it, don’t click on it, and that will help me gauged what is appreciated and what isn’t.

Of course, I’m willing to consider requests as well. 😉



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