The Bombardment Of Stories

It’s a bit of a joke among writers, but it actually happens.  Someone comes up and tells you they have a great idea for a story, and they want you to write it and split the money with them.  Apparently, they think the idea is the hard part.

Folks, let me tell you, it’s not.  Not at all.  Ideas come fast and furious sometimes.  For me, they bombard me when I’m in the middle of a project and can’t really afford to devote time to new stuff.


Sometimes, the ideas are new stories within the series I’m writing, which is fine.  This gives me a chance to work in a bit of foreshadowing (if warranted) in my current work and helps tie the whole series together.

Other times, what happens is I get slammed with a dozen other stories that have nothing to do with my current work in any way.  Some pop in as fully formed scenes.  Others show up as a premise and little more.

Writers are rarely sitting at their keyboard, ready to write, with no idea what their novel is going to be about.  We just don’t.  We may not know quite how to put that idea on the page, or who the characters are, or what conflict is there, or anything else, but we have ideas.

If anything, we get into a case of analysis paralysis and can’t figure out which idea we’re going to go with.


Right now, for me, that’s not an issue.  I’m continuing with Hostile Territory at a slower than I’d like pace, but it’s proceeding daily, so there’s that.  Once I’m done, that’ll be a different story.

Part of me wants to continue this series for at least a third book.

Another part tells me I need to get back to my Soldiers of New Eden series and finish the fourth book there since it’s been almost two years.

Still another part wants me to get back to work on a fantasy novel I started on called The Last Champion.  I stopped work on that because what was going on the page was more preachy than an Ayn Rand novel.  There are things I want to say in that book, but I need to find a better way to say them where the book isn’t “message fic”, and I think I found a way on that.

So, three potential projects all waiting for this book to be done so I can start on them.  Since I’m a bit under 17,000 words for this one, I’ve got a bit of time.  Of course, once I really hit my stride on this one, it’ll go a lot quicker, and I think I’ve got the rest of the book figured out.  Mostly.

After that?  Well, I guess I’ll figure it out when I get there.


3 thoughts on “The Bombardment Of Stories”

  1. Ah, yes. Story idea overload. I know I shouldn’t complain about having too many stories to tell, but juggling them all is a pain.


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