Sabercat Has A Cover

I’m thrilled to announce that Sabercat now has a cover!  Yes, this is a big day, and it’s probably my favorite time of writing, that moment when your tens of thousands of words, the countless hours pounding on computer keys, finally becomes a real book.

This particular piece comes from the extremely talented Cedar Sanderson.  Now, she let this cover do a little double duty by using it for a post on cover design at Mad Genius Club, which is totally cool.  She asked first and all that, but I’d have been fine with it if she hadn’t.

Now, is this precisely what I envisioned? No.

However, I also want to point out that this is a good thing.  You see, this is what was stuck in my mind.  Exactly what was stuck in my mind (this is an Amazon affiliate link, so I get a bit of cash if you click and buy, and you should because it’s a damn good book).

Perhaps you can see the problem?  In my mind, to differentiate, I thought, “Maybe an explosion because they’re being chased by fighters.”  But, in my mind, that is what I was still thinking.

Did I tell Cedar that?  Nope.  What I did tell her was “something with a ship in space. If it shows space fighters blowing up behind it, then cool since that’s a pivotal scene near the end.”

We then discussed the ship a bit, but I let her have freedom to create.

One of the advantages of being an indie is that yes, I do have control over all the processes in taking a manuscript and turning it into a book.  However, I also understand that creative people need to be creative.

I intentionally gave her a vague idea of what I wanted because I’ve found that if you open your mind up to possibilities, you get some seriously cool stuff.  That’s exactly what happened.

Now, here’s the thing to remember.  If you’re paying for it, and you don’t like it, tell your designer.  You’re the boss.  No one should have a cover they don’t like, and frankly, I don’t know any cover designer who wants you to have a cover you don’t like.

Personally, I’m totally digging this cover and am in awe of what she created.  I’m really glad that I didn’t try to micromanage the process, which never works out well.

What I got was something that exceeded my hopes and should snag some attention in and amongst the myriad of space opera books on Amazon.

Sabercat should be available for pre-order by Monday, so keep your eyes out!


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