Hostile Territory Almost Ready For Beta

The book Hostile Territory is now just about ready for beta readers.  The plan is to drop this one for a bit now that the draft is over, and go back to Sabercat and get it edited with notes from beta readers, then format it and all that jazz.

Then I’ll get back on Hostile Territory and edit it to be semi-literate, send it out to beta readers, then start on the next book in this series.  No, I can’t give you a title yet.  No, it’s not that I won’t, but that I can’t.  I simply don’t have one yet.  I’m still not sure precisely what that story is going to be just yet.

Anywho, it feels really great to have a second novel done this quickly.  I finished it last night, and felt so relieved, really.  I’d been feeling like I was dragging, but I really wasn’t.

The last save on Sabercat was March 11, 2017.  That means in just over a month, I turned around and completed an entire second novel.  Not too shabby.

Of course, I had some advantages.  This novel was originally going to be the second part of Sabercat, so I kind of knew what was going to happen well before I was ready to start writing.

Which probably contributed to why I felt like I’d been dragging on this one.  I should have been able to crank this out a lot faster, but I didn’t.

Yet, when you look at the numbers, there’s nothing to cry about here.  I’d turned out a novel faster than most people I know can, and I’m fairly happy with the product right now.  We’ll see how I feel after reading it for the ninth time prior to publishing, but right now, I’m fairly happy with it.

Last night, I finished, hit save, and called it a night.  I’m taking a break from fiction writing until Monday for both the Easter holiday and my own sanity.

Still, I won’t trade this feeling for the world.


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