Sabercat Is Now Out!

Today is a day of absolute joy since I not only get to enjoy donuts with my daughter at school today (don’t ask), but Sabercat is also out!

This is my fourth published novel-length work, and I am incredibly excited as it’s my first space opera, therefore my first undisputed science fiction work.  Yes, post-apocalyptic is technically science fiction, but it draws people from outside of science fiction regularly.  It’s also the subgenre literary people feel comfortable playing in for some reason.

Space opera, however, is undisputed science fiction territory, really.  Oh, there are a few who don’t like it because of the lack fo hard science in it, but that’s a preference more than an actual dispute of the genre.

And now, I’m also a space opera author!

The response from the beta readers has me pretty optimistic on this one, so please, go and buy it.  Then, please review it and tell people what you think.

For the record, the sequel to this one is finished and in the beta readers hands at the moment, so there shouldn’t be too long of a wait before the next book is out.  You know, in case you read it and decide you want more and all that.


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