Assault On Conservative Columnist. Is It Just The Beginning

I really don’t want to feel paranoid, but a while back I pointed out that I could see people like me, people who do political commentary for a living, as potentially being targeted for violence by leftist nut jobs.

Now, I’m not the only one who believes this is possible, but I had a fair number of people show up here to tell me, basically, that there’s nothing to worry about. Antifa is nothing but a bunch of cowards.

Well, yesterday I saw this on Twitter. The victim is Andrew Bolt, an Australian conservative columnist.


Now, first let me say that I do enjoy watching Mr. Bolt deliver a sound beating to the little punks. They deserved that and far more.

However, let’s take a look at what happened. A conservative commentator was targeted for things he said in the line of doing his job. Because he said things they didn’t like, they targeted him for a violent attack.

That’s not too different than some of the things I predicted as possibly happening here in the not too distant future.

Plenty of people are calling the attackers cowardly, and they’re not wrong, but let me ask folks this: Does it matter if the attacker is a coward or not in the moment you’re being attacked?

While Bolt handled himself fine, the next victim might not be so fortunate. Had these punks been carrying some kind of weapon, the video would be a very different kind of thing.

Folks, I’m not being paranoid. I’m simply pointing out a simple progression from someone screaming “Nooooo!” like Darth Vadar because Trump was inaugurated (like that wasn’t going to happen at that point) to riots and attacks on opponents’ rallies.

Unless something changes here in the United States, a public figure such as a columnist or blogger will be murdered because of their opinion. Most likely a conservative or libertarian one, based on what we’re seeing.

This may lead to adherents of the other side upping the game, and when that starts to happen, things get very, very ugly.

Of course, here in the United States, many conservative and libertarian commentators may well be armed, which will up the risk for these punks, but look at what they did to Bolt. With a gun, the poor man wouldn’t have stood a chance, and that is what I fear.

So how do we come back from the edge?

You got me. Both sides need to de-escalate their rhetoric and call the more extreme sides to heel. I don’t think either side is willing to be the first, though.

That’s where it falls to people like me. Should retaliatory violence take place, I need to condemn it. My counterparts on the left need to do the same. We need to do it a lot. We need to do what we can to be vocal that such things will not be tolerated by either side.

Then, maybe, we can calm things down.

Unfortunately, me calling down their violence is irrelevant. They already don’t care what I think about anything, but I’ll continue to urge restraint from the right.

Maybe, just maybe, what happened to Bolt will be the last of it. I am not holding my breath, however.



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