About Me


If you’re here, then you want to know a bit about me.  Well, to start with, I’m a writer.  I would say author, but I do more than that.  I’m also a full-time blogger, but that stuff has no business on this site.

Here are a few fun facts about me.

  • So far as I know, I’m the first blogger anywhere to purchase a newspaper (And long before Portlandia did their bit covering that).
  • On a similar tone, I’m the first blogger to have their newspaper go out of business.
  • I currently have two novels, a novelette, and three short stories published.  More will come.
  • I’m dyslexic and ADHD, which is…interesting for a writer.  It’s kind of a miracle anything has ever been published.

My interests are shooting, cooking, reading (natch), lifting weights, reenacting various eras, studying whatever topics strike my fancy at a given moment, and a pile of other things.

So, enjoy your stay!