My Books

Since I do have some stuff out, here’s where you can snag it for your amusement.  All of this does come from my Amazon affiliate link, which means I get a referral fee if you purchase it through here.  It doesn’t cost you anything else, and it puts a few extra pesos in my pocket.


The Tommy Reilly Chronicles

Despite his rich-kid roots, Tommy Reilly is struggling to make it as a freighter captain. Despite a universe of possibilities, he finds himself running afoul of both pirates and corrupt bureaucrats who seem determined to get in his way at every point. It’s like karma for his bullying past is smacking him in the back of the head.

All of that changes when a figure from his past asks for his help.

Now he’s finding himself at odds with a greedy and overly ambitious business owner who has government backing who happens to be the same man who impounded the very load he needs on his ship. The fact that the load is only the first step in securing information that could bring down the status quo might have something to do with that, however.

Tommy and his crew of misfit rejects have to use skills most of them would rather forget to secure their load, all with eyes watching them everywhere.

Soldiers of New Eden

My first published work, this novelette covers a man trying to find his wife and child in the aftermath of a limited nuclear attack on the United States.

Bloody Eden is the story of Jason Calvin and his family ten years after the events of After the Blast. Trying to build a new life for them in a town named New Eden, the Calvins must deal with a family of runaways, a megalomaniacal dictator, and an army wanting to kill them all.

Fresh off of dealing with one threat, Jason and company now are faced with a gang who only wants one thing: Jason’s scalp.  For them, it’s personal.