A Note On Alexandria

At the risk of saying, “Told you so,” I want to address a few things about yesterday’s events in Alexandria.

Yes, I did say violence was coming, and I did note that it would be this kind of thing. I hope and pray that this is actually isolated and nothing else will happen, but I’m not holding my breath.

I also hope no one from the political right decides that since leftists have started shooting, it’s open season. I can easily see that happening as well.

What I will say is that I’m glad that the only loss of life was the terrorist–and that is¬†exactly what he was–who initiated the attack. Seriously, screw that guy.

This isn’t a good thing, and I really don’t like being right. I hope that history shows me to be more paranoid that prescient. We’ll have to see, but I’ll keep hoping and praying in the mean time. I’ll also be praying for all those injured during the attack.

To those who are rejoicing over this, or saying that the victims deserved it because they’re Republicans, I kindly invite you to perform anatomically improbable sexual acts upon your own person with the aid of a motorized wood cutting device that utilizes a sharpened chain operating at peak levels, preferably one where the chain is heavily oxidized and covered in goat semen.

If you are one of those people, shut the hell up. Otherwise, you’ll be to blame for the next attack.

On a completely different note, in addition to political writing and fiction writing, I’m working on a new project that should be fairly interesting. Yes, it ties in with some stuff mentioned on this blog, namely trying to become “hard to kill,” but I don’t want to get too deeply into it.

Later today, I’ll be working on testing some equipment that I currently own to see what will work best for the initial phases.

That’s right, this isn’t a writing project. Stay tuned to find out more later.

Assault On Conservative Columnist. Is It Just The Beginning

I really don’t want to feel paranoid, but a while back I pointed out that I could see people like me, people who do political commentary for a living, as potentially being targeted for violence by leftist nut jobs.

Now, I’m not the only one who believes this is possible, but I had a fair number of people show up here to tell me, basically, that there’s nothing to worry about. Antifa is nothing but a bunch of cowards.

Well, yesterday I saw this on Twitter. The victim is Andrew Bolt, an Australian conservative columnist.


Now, first let me say that I do enjoy watching Mr. Bolt deliver a sound beating to the little punks. They deserved that and far more.

However, let’s take a look at what happened. A conservative commentator was targeted for things he said in the line of doing his job. Because he said things they didn’t like, they targeted him for a violent attack.

That’s not too different than some of the things I predicted as possibly happening here in the not too distant future. Continue reading “Assault On Conservative Columnist. Is It Just The Beginning”

The #FightFor15 Crowd Gets It Appallingly Wrong In Tweet

If you ever want to weep for humanity, spend some time on Twitter.  Seriously, I see stupid from all political stripes including some from people I actually like as a general rule.

However, today I saw this tweet in the whole #FightFor15 “debate.”


If you no nothing about economics or business, this probably sounds like a solid argument, but there’s so much wrong with this one tweet that it’s going to take an entire blog post to discuss it. Continue reading “The #FightFor15 Crowd Gets It Appallingly Wrong In Tweet”

The Role of the SJW and White Identity

The social justice warrior is a particularly insidious breed of leftist. While there are liberals you can respectfully disagree with and remain cordial, the SJW isn’t one of those. Further, with their constant screeching of “racist” or “sexist” or “homophobe,” they make it clear that unless you toe their line, they’re not remotely interested in listening to you.

However, I’ve been thinking a lot about one of the great fears of the SJW: The rise of white nationalism and white identity.


White nationalism and white identity movements have been traditionally associated with racism, and I’ve seen nothing I can recall that leads me to believe they’re anything but racist today. SJWs are freaking about how these groups seem to be growing* and are desperate to do something about it.

Too bad they don’t realize that it’s their own damn fault. Continue reading “The Role of the SJW and White Identity”

The Pot Is Boiling

When I talked about tense times, I had a number of people comment that there wasn’t really anything to worry about. ¬†After all, we have all the veterans, the government, and most of the guns. However, my point was that any coming war wouldn’t be like the 1860’s.

Apparently, I didn’t communicate it well. ¬†What I was talking about was stuff like this: Continue reading “The Pot Is Boiling”

Why You Should Never Take It At Face Value

Yesterday, I watched this show on Netflix called “The Pyramid Code.” ¬†I was looking to see if I could glean any story ideas from it since a type of pyramid appears in some of my current series (or, will, I should say). ¬†However, I came across something else worth talking about.

For example, one of the “experts” shown on the program is Dr. Carmen Boulter from the University of Calgary.

Now, some of the stuff in the program sounds really cool, but I wanted to see what Dr. Boulter’s background was. ¬†I could hardly believe the line of reasoning presented in the program was something being seriously believed by egyptologists, even a¬†minority of them. Continue reading “Why You Should Never Take It At Face Value”

Authors And Twitter

I’ve done a bit of trimming of my Twitter follow list. ¬†Gone are a number of my fellow independent authors.

Now, it’s not that I don’t want to support my fellow writers or anything. ¬†Far from it. ¬†It’s that it’s kind of hard to support people who make that support so exasperating.

Many authors understand that Twitter is a useful vehicle for interacting with readers, so they use it.  I get that.

Here’s the problem, though. ¬†Twitter is not¬†just for pushing your books.

Every unfollow I’ve had in the last few days has been from authors whose only tweets have either been to push their own books or to retweet another author pushing¬†their books. ¬†That’s it.

Frankly, it’s exhausting.

Yes, people who follow you want to know when your new books are coming out. ¬†They really do. ¬†But do you think that’s all they want?

Now couple it with writers who follow other writers in hopes they’ll be followed in turn, and what happens? ¬†You get authors marketing to other authors. ¬†Where have we seen that before? ¬†Oh, yeah.

Look, if you want to use Twitter, I highly recommend you at least use Twitter for something else.  Talk about other media in your genre, like video games, movies, or television. For that matter, talk about anything else.  Anything at all.

There’s one writer I follow who doesn’t talk much about his personal life or his interests, but what he does do is talk about his writing in a different way. ¬†For example, he’ll tweet that he’s starting to write for the day, or that he stopped writing and looked outside and saw a bird or some such stuff.

The point is, he’s still connecting with readers without spamming the crap out of them. ¬†I’ve continued to follow him because he’s doing¬†something for my Twitter feed other than pushing his book.


So, really, do something. ¬†Anything. ¬†I don’t care what it is, just provide something other than your books for your readers. ¬†Actually engage with people, for crying out loud.

Anything is better than watching Twitter and wishing people would shut up about their books.