Thoughts On Netflix’s ‘The Defenders’

Netflix has developed a great reputation for original content. “Daredevil”, “Jessica Jones,” and “Luke Cage” all had a great reviews, while “Iron Fist” was kind of hit or miss.

Personally, I loved the first season of “Daredevil” but was luke warm about the second after The Punisher was no longer the focus, “Jessica Jones” and “Luke Cage” was awesome. “Iron Fist” was so slow I still haven’t finished it.

But I jumped into “The Defenders” none the less.

Good call. Continue reading “Thoughts On Netflix’s ‘The Defenders’”


Thoughts On ‘The Gifted’

Fox owns Marvel’s X-Men property, and they’ve done well by it.  With the exception of what the did in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, they’ve done right by the property.

Their latest effort is the TV show, The Gifted.  The full-length trailer dropped recently, and I finally got around to watching it today.

I have to admit, I’m optimistic. It looks like an interesting addition to the X-Men’s cinematic universe, with a ragtag group of mutants trying to make it in a world that hates them. Continue reading “Thoughts On ‘The Gifted’”

SyFy Going Back To Focusing On Science Fiction

I got up this morning, and after dealing with a number of comments on my last post, I saw something pretty interesting. It seems SyFy has decided to reboot the network and focus on science fiction again like it did in the old days. Continue reading “SyFy Going Back To Focusing On Science Fiction”