Thoughts On Charlottesville

I spend most of my day dealing with politics. So much so that I try to avoid it completely on the weekends. In fact, I now spend so much time writing politics that I don’t have much time for fiction right now, except on the weekends.

Unfortunately, the events in Charlottesville, VA yesterday need to be addressed.  I did touch on it on Facebook last night, but there’s more and it needs to be talked about in more detail.

First, while I disagree almost everything they believe, the crowd that gathered in Charlottesville, VA had every right to peacefully assemble as they did. They had permits required, and thus were free to do as they did.

I’m pretty much a free speech absolutist. I believe unless the most vile among us are free to speak, none of us are truly free to speak.

In that regard, what happened in Charlottesville was a beautiful example of liberty.

Too bad that’s where the good stuff began and ended. Continue reading “Thoughts On Charlottesville”


Assault On Conservative Columnist. Is It Just The Beginning

I really don’t want to feel paranoid, but a while back I pointed out that I could see people like me, people who do political commentary for a living, as potentially being targeted for violence by leftist nut jobs.

Now, I’m not the only one who believes this is possible, but I had a fair number of people show up here to tell me, basically, that there’s nothing to worry about. Antifa is nothing but a bunch of cowards.

Well, yesterday I saw this on Twitter. The victim is Andrew Bolt, an Australian conservative columnist.


Now, first let me say that I do enjoy watching Mr. Bolt deliver a sound beating to the little punks. They deserved that and far more.

However, let’s take a look at what happened. A conservative commentator was targeted for things he said in the line of doing his job. Because he said things they didn’t like, they targeted him for a violent attack.

That’s not too different than some of the things I predicted as possibly happening here in the not too distant future. Continue reading “Assault On Conservative Columnist. Is It Just The Beginning”

The Pot Is Boiling

When I talked about tense times, I had a number of people comment that there wasn’t really anything to worry about.  After all, we have all the veterans, the government, and most of the guns. However, my point was that any coming war wouldn’t be like the 1860’s.

Apparently, I didn’t communicate it well.  What I was talking about was stuff like this: Continue reading “The Pot Is Boiling”